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Why Should I Go to the Dentist During COVID?


We are all concerned about how to keep our family safe during this pandemic. We are doing everything we can to stay healthy. New research out of the British Dental Journal has found a possible link between poor oral hygiene and an increased severity of COVID-19 infection. 


"Over 80% of COVID-19 patients in ICUs exhibited an exceptionally high bacterial load, with more than 50% of deaths exhibiting bacterial superinfections."1

So while COVID-19 has a viral origin, it’s suspected that in severe cases, complications such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress (ARDS) may be caused by bacterial superinfections.

And those bacteria may originate in the mouth! 

“We recommend that oral hygiene be maintained, if not improved, during a SARS-CoV-2 infection in order to reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and the potential risk of a bacterial superinfection.”1


At Jawman Dental we are focused on keeping our community safe. Please stay on top of your oral hygiene at home and at the office to help keep you and your family safe. 

-Dr. Michael Steinerg, Dr. Joshua Steinberg, and the whole Jawman Staff 




From our family to yours, Please stay safe and healthy! 

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